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There are 3 titles that have the tag: Action.
Cover Sample Image Title Author Type Description Details
Responsive image Responsive image Can You Become A Magical Girl?
Tomonobu Tsuyomi, Ayumi Tsubaki Transformation(他者変身) Fairy creature decides to "recruit" a boy to be a magical girl to fight against people that have been corrupted by an evil force. (- Chapter 9) URA Sunday Comics
Released on:
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Dorohedoro
Q Hayashida Transformation(他者変身) On Chapter 41, Chota transforms into a duplicate of Nikaido. The transformation still continues through later chapters. First published by Monthly Ikki a now suspended seinen magazine which serialized the story since it started back in 1999, until its closure in 2014, it was followed by Hibana, a new magazine produced by the same publisher, Shogakukan.
Released on: 1999
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Destiny Unchain Online
resn Other Kou glitches to the middle of nowhere, and his vampire avatar is turned into a girl! A story for all of the people who through games have met new friends and aimed for the top... start! Kodansha
Released on: 2022
Origin: Manga