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There are 3 titles that have the tag: Bodysuit.
Cover Sample Image Title Author Type Description Details
Responsive image Responsive image King of the Night Market
Tuan Yu Other (Ch.65) While in the other world the MC sees his long lost love turns out to be a demon in a body suit. Bilibili
Released on: 2020
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Tetsumen Tantei Gen
ISHINOMORI Shotaro Other Vol.1 has 2 MTM Disguises, Vol.2 has 1 MTM and 2 MTF and vol.3 has 3 MTM and 2 MTF. Its multiple small detective stories. Asahi Sonorama (1985) Kodansha (1975) Media Factory (1999) 2 Volumes (Complete, by Kodansha) 3 Volumes (Reprint, by Asahi Sonorama) 2 Volumes (Reprint, by Media Factory)
Released on: 1975
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Heavenly Match
ALIC Other (Ch.5) While waiting for her friends the FL waiting for her friends helps an elderly lady whos a demon in a skinsuit to attack her. Daum Kakao
Released on: 2012
Origin: Manga