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There are 5 titles that have the tag: Fusion.
Cover Sample Image Title Author Type Description Details
Responsive image Responsive image People in Urabe
Sanada Rin. Other After an experiment, Urara and Takaharu have to share her body.Takaharu is a high school graduate who sells erotic manga while waiting to retake his college entrance exams.Takaharu takes over Urara's body when she falls asleep or passes out. Futabasha
Released on: 2010
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Post-Apocalyptic Gold Hunter
解文轩 Other (Ch.306-307) One of the females that doesent like the mc fuses with a zombie to get stronger. AC.QQ
Released on: 2020
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Shikabane Hime
AKAHITO Yoshiichi Other (Ch.62) One of the female leads gets killed so her corpse princess attaches herself onto her body to keep her alive and gives up her life for her after the fight. Square Enix
Released on: 2005
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Boy + Girl Fusion
NO. Gomesu Transformation(他者変身) (Oneshot) A demon exterminator is sent to a school by the secret organization Ark where she finds a person compatible of becoming a fusion type fighter. Kill Time Communication
Released on: 2011
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Doctor's Knife
Mrmaskyt Other (Series) The first parasite the mc fights eats his classmate but after shes eaten turns out she gained a parasitic ability to control the girl that ate her now they have to co exist. N/A
Released on: Unknown
Origin: Manga