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There are 6 titles that have the tag: Genderswap.
Cover Sample Image Title Author Type Description Details
Responsive image Responsive image Mao Marimo
Horikita Aoi Transformation(他者変身) Boy returns to school to find his close friend has turned into a girl after participating in a shrine ritual that was meant for girls. Hakusensha
Released on: 2014
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image People in Urabe
Sanada Rin. Other After an experiment, Urara and Takaharu have to share her body.Takaharu is a high school graduate who sells erotic manga while waiting to retake his college entrance exams.Takaharu takes over Urara's body when she falls asleep or passes out. Futabasha
Released on: 2010
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image New language of the soul
云端漫画 Transformation(他者変身) However, when he accidentally saw a ghost, his fate was rewritten. A few hours later, he was possessed by a female ghost, and then... he became a woman! " Acqq BiliBili Iqiyi U17
Released on: 2019
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Becoming Princess Knight and Working at
Hinaki Other Naruse Soushi is a 38-year-old political secretary. One day, he is caught in a car accident, and his vehicle is swept to the bottom of the sea - with himself in it. At the same time, in a completely different world, a princess named Reina is caught Takeshobo
Released on: 2020
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image CHANGE-R
UENO Nito Bodyswap(入れ替わり) Through the use of a family heirloom a high school girl accidentally switches bodies with a man that commits homicide. Bessatsu Shounen Magazine
Released on: 2015
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image Destiny Unchain Online
resn Other Kou glitches to the middle of nowhere, and his vampire avatar is turned into a girl! A story for all of the people who through games have met new friends and aimed for the top... start! Kodansha
Released on: 2022
Origin: Manga