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There are 3 titles that have the tag: Transfer.
Cover Sample Image Title Author Type Description Details
Responsive image Responsive image I The Female Robot
Wang Guo Qiang Possession(憑依) Female android in a male body transfers to a new female body. (Ch.49) A BG android wants to take over a company has a female android unit go in and take over to get to the president. (Ch.50) N/A
Released on: 2010
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image I'm The Bug's Pendant
BPI Manhua Possession(憑依) (Ch.6) After entering a portal one of the characters ends up in a female body. Acqq Bilibili Dongmanmanhua KuaiKan
Released on: 2021
Origin: Manga
Responsive image Responsive image The Strongest Sorcerer Who Makes Full Us
FUKUYAMA Matsue Other (Ch.31) The bug robot the MC had earlier on and was destroyed is transferred into a female assassin golem. Square Enix
Released on: 2019
Origin: Manga